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    Shift Services is proud to present its new product: Survey Manager. With Survey Manager you can organise and conduct your own telephone market research and customer satisfaction surveys easily and cost-effectively.  
    Ready-to-use hosted systems allow dedicated surveys to be:  
    • Set up and in use very quickly
    • Completed within a very competitive budget
    • One simple telephone call is all that is needed to complete your survey.
    Modern equipment and state-of-art voice technology allow your survey to be:  
    • Conducted through in-house personnel
    • Completed by your customers at their convenience
    A customised software interface allows the results of your survey to be:  
    • Processed and analysed quickly
    • Presented in a variety of report formats
    • Stored so that historical trends are apparent
    Surveys conducted using PhoneSurvey.biz are as simple as 1, 2, 3:  
    How it works...  

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