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    Survey Manager is designed such that the survey can be automated. It makes full use of modern telephone systems that, after a voice prompt, allow questions to be answered with telephone keypads and voice recognition software. Coupled with the easy-to-use SurveyManager web interface to set up your survey quickly with questions tailored to your needs, and a dedicated automated telephone service to manage the responses, it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  

    1. Configure Your Survey

    • Set up quickly
    • Tailor your questions
    After opening your account, you will receive access to SurveyManager. This easy-to-use web interface enables you to prepare a dedicated survey in no time. You can easily add "closed" or "open" questions to the survey.  
    There is a large choice of "closed" questions (such as "yes/no" or "rate from 1 to 5"), which can be answered using the telephone keypad. There are also "open" questions (such as "What do you think about ?"), after which the user will be invited to leave a message. These methods offer both quick results for a mass survey (closed questions) and the possibility of conducting in-depth quality surveys (open questions).  
    At this stage, the "voice" that will be used to ask the questions is loaded into SurveyManager. If you do not have in-house a "voice" to use as a prompt, this can be provided and both studio recording (human voice) and high quality text-to-speech are offered.  

    2. Conduct The Survey

    • One simple telephone call
    • Multi-country participation
    Once your survey is prepared, you can then ask your customers to complete it. This is done simply by giving them a telephone number to call.  
    Your customers can call your dedicated phone number directly. Following the voice prompts they can then complete the survey at their convenience.  
    If you prefer to have direct contact with you customers first, you can ask them to call your offices. Then one of your employees can give a small introduction before forwarding the call to your dedicated telephone number, after which the survey is completed by following the voice prompts.  
    There are a lot of other ways to achieve this (such as VoIP), depending on your budget and infrastructure constraints. Please contact us if you need further information.  
    Customer surveys across several countries are easy to organize. Shift Services can provide telephone numbers in each of the countries.  

    3. View Reports

    • Processed quickly and accurately
    • Available in different formats
    When your survey is complete, you van view the results by simply logging in to SurveyManager. The reports module provides standard reports for your "closed" questions and gives you the opportunity to listen to the answers to the "open" questions. You can also see the results as pie charts and export them to Microsoft Excel.  
    If you have a survey that runs over a length of time or is continuous, as a customer satisfaction or perception study, historical reports can be generated to show how your customer's satisfaction or perception evolves across weeks, months or years.  
    Contact us for further information or directly request a quote.
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