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    If you open your shop before the end of the month, Shift Services gives you 3 months free for every new eshop. You save then 297 EURO on the Eshop Standard [...]

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    New features • One click order: you can now generate gift certificates that your customer can use to order the product on-line in a simplified [...]

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Main Features of our Packages PDF Print E-mail
Easy Payment Management: you can choose which payment methods you'll accept on your site. If you accept credit cards, you can, of course, choose which credit cards you accept. If you choose the Pro Package, the credit card processing is done automatically. Otherwise, in the Standard Package, you'll receive the new orders by email. You'll find the 8 first credit card numbers in the mail and the 8 others (+expiration date) on the admin interface. You can then enter the complete credit card number in your terminal as you'd do it for a mail or telephone order.  
Shipping Methods: through the admin side, you can easily set a shipping method by zone depending on the weight.  
Web Manageable: with Ecomready Eshop, you can manage your shop from everywhere through the Internet. There is no need to install a special application on your computer. You don't need to know HTML or any other complicated technology. You just need a web browser (IE4, Netscape 4 or higher is required to administrate your web site). You can see your new and past orders, add or modify any products, set you shipping and payment methods and lot more... (See our demo)  
BackOffice: integration with any BackOffice or invoice system through a XML gateway.  
High Security: security is one of our top priorities because ecommerce won't work without security. That's why we have taken a lot of security measures to avoid any problem (firewall, monitoring, backup, SSL certificate, …).  
Simple User Interface: we have specially cared about the public side. That's the side where your customers will come, browse the catalogue and do their shopping. This side is automatically generated, so you don't need to create every page of you catalogue by hand, just add some products through the admin side and your customers will directly see them on the public side. The customer has an easy and simple interface to do his shopping. He can find any product by browsing categories or by keyword searches. He can choose his preferred currency and see an evaluation of each price in his home currency. The public-side has been successfully tested with most used SSL compatible browsers. You can also personalize the public-side by setting your own colors and images. Your shop will look unique with little effort.  
Custom Site: the auto-generated site is quite complete but if you want to upload your own HTML, GIF, JPG or other files, it can be done with the admin interface. You have 50 Mb included in the Eshop Standard Packages and 150 Mb in the Eshop Pro Package to upload whatever you want.  
Fast: our bandwidth is provided by UUnet and our servers are constantly benchmarked to be sure that they aren't overloaded.  
Registration in more than 2000 search engines: have an on-line shop is the first step, but if you want to be visited, you need to be in the most popular search engines. This service is included in our Eshop Pro Package and optional in the Standard Package.  
No Commission: we don't take any percentage on your orders. Actually we don't interfere with your orders and payments management. You don't pay anything else than the setup and monthly fees.  
Automatic update: when we release a new version of our software, every of our customers' eshops will be directly upgraded for free.  
Email Support: we offer free unlimited email support to every customer. We answer every mail within the 24 hours.  
Unlimited Catalogue Size: there is no limit for your catalogue size. You can add as many items as you want.  
• An internet connection and a 4th generation browser to manage your catalogue and update your settings on the admin side.  
• If you want to accept credit cards, a credit card merchant account that allows you to accept mail, telephone or internet orders.
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